Guest post by "Marco" from February 15, 2022

Demonstrations last Saturday in Zurich: Now already the revolutionary youth of Zurich must be held up as neo-Nazis.

The reports in the various media show how every effort is made to discredit opponents of the measures. Evidence of any wrongdoing is not forthcoming.

Blick apparently did not want to name the violent left-wing mob, which turned part of the city of Zurich into a combat zone, as Antifa, despite the flags they carried, and referred to the fact that there were also right-wing extremists. The evidence for this is missing. Unless one wanted to serve once again the narrative that all opponents of measures are "right-wingers". The Aargauer Zeitung at least writes of a "left-wing mob". 20minuten reports that members of both the left and right camps went on the rampage through Zurich. Whoever the right-wing camp is supposed to have been, the tabloid failed to provide evidence of rioting by its members.

SRF reports in the Tagesschau main edition that around 70 opponents of the measures had gathered for an unauthorized demonstration, with several people being arrested. Pictures of the demonstration show a peaceful group of people with the usual mix of ages and social classes. Nevertheless, SRF reports that neo-Nazis from the extreme right-wing scene were also present at the demonstration. Thank you, dear SRF for the instruction of the political orientation of Nazis and stupid only that afterwards pictures of the radical left revolutionary youth Zurich with Bengalfakeln and mummery are shown. But just: If even a presenter of the SRF format "Club" does not even know that Stasi (State Security Service of the GDR) is not the same as Nazi, then one can also confuse the RJZ with neo-Nazis. Given!

The fact is that the Zurich city police had to use rubber bullets and water cannons against the left-wing radicals who were acting with extreme violence, and according to our findings, several of them had also come from France. On the side of the opponents of the Corona measures, according to the Zurich City Police, several dozen people were stopped, checked, turned away and then reported to the police. The number of arrests of left-wing radicals could not be ascertained. Peaceful demonstrators are easier to arrest, aren't they?

Later, around 2:30 p.m., according to 20min, a train of 31 "obviously violent people" - however the city police was able to identify this - was stopped in the Niederdorf. The persons could have been assigned to the right-wing extremist scene or (sic!) the opponents of the measures.

The Young Socialists of Switzerland - pardon, Jungo-Sozialist:Innen - celebrate the left-wing extremist violence as a great success. They were able to prevent a platform for neo-Nazis. Really, I am simply at a loss for words for such glorification of violence.

The author is a trained police officer and writes here under a pseudonym. Guest contributions always reflect the opinion of the author, not that of We for You . They are intended to contribute, through different perspectives, to the independent formation of opinion.