Legal analysis of the Covid certificate obligation in Switzerland

Our association Wir Für Euch, with several hundred active supporters, in cooperation with prosecutors, judges and lawyers, has prepared a legal analysis regarding the Covid certificate obligation in Switzerland. More than 150 investigating authorities such as public prosecutors' offices, governor's offices, municipal judges' offices, courts as well as police commands in Switzerland have been informed about this with a corresponding letter.

In our opinion, state bodies that base their actions on the Federal Council Ordinance are acting unlawfully. We will therefore prepare recommendations for action for the affected citizens in order to show them the legal options - in the case of punishable violations (fines) based on the unlawful ordinance. The basis for this is a detailed legal analysis of the certificate requirement, which HERE is published as of now.

The legal analysis remains valid and current after the November 28, 2021 vote.

More than 300 lawyers of the Lawyers' Committee also independently conclude in a declaration that a 2G certificate requirement is unconstitutional. Click here for the corresponding declaration on the homepage of the Jurists' Committee.

What We Demand for You from Politics and Authorities:
We demand freedom.
We demand reconciliation.
We demand lessons from mistakes.
We demand data transparency.
We demand independent media.
We call for an open discourse.
We demand that legal interests be weighed up.
We demand an independent judiciary.
We demand independent science.
We demand a controlling parliament.
We demand transparency about lobbying.