Criminal complaint coercion

The form can be used in case of coercion committed by a third person or by a police officer (possibly in connection with an abuse of authority). In principle, a complaint can be filed at any police station. Regardless of where the crime occurred. If a complaint is not accepted at the police station, kindly draw the police officer's attention to Article 6 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (StPO), the principle of investigation, and Article 7 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the obligation to prosecute, and that he is obliged to record the facts and forward them to the appropriate investigating authority for evaluation. If a report is still not accepted, ask for the next higher superior and explain the same to him. If the report is still not accepted, make a note of this on the form and submit it directly to the relevant investigating authority.
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In addition, you are free to file a corresponding complaint against the officers to the relevant police command, as they are obliged ex officio to take up the investigation and record the facts accordingly in the case of official offenses.
If you receive a non-acceptance order from the competent public prosecutor's office, contact us via the contact form (as soon as possible due to the deadlines) and mention that you filed a complaint with our form and received a decision.