It is certain that only those who use their freedom are free, and that the strength of the people is measured by the well-being of the weak. (BV Preamble)

We for You calls on all magistrates and political decision-makers to immediately stop the unlawful and disproportionate orders against the population!

We demand:

  1. Repeal of all measures!

(especially compulsory certification in all variants, compulsory testing as well as compulsory masks, especially at schools and educational institutions but also for catering businesses, service providers and event organizers)

  1. Return to the rule of law with a functioning separation of powers and proper legal remedies.
  2. Sovereignty in dealing with neighboring countries and a courageous Yes! to a Swiss "special path" while complying with mandatory standards for travelers.
  3. Abolish all testing and vaccination centers and return to regular health care through hospitals and doctors' offices.
  4. Lifting of all quarantine measures
  5. Focused protection of at-risk groups without restrictions for the general population.

We for You is convinced that it is now necessary to reclaim together, peacefully but consistently, the freedoms that have grown over many decades, fought for and enshrined in the Federal Constitution!

We are convinced that in the future, what Paul Grueninger had to say in his defense at the time will also apply to all police officers who are committed to We for You:

"I acted out of respectable motives as a human being and as a public servant."

On that note, a sincere thank you to the many police officers who unknowingly share our values and treat people fairly to the best of their ability.