31.01.2022 A guest article by Sascha Wohlauf

What have we not already heard and seen everything:

We saw army trucks with coffins from Bergamo, heard that soon everyone would know someone who had died of the plague. Suddenly there was panic, a Superspreader to counter. We were told, repeated mantra-like by state television, to stay at home for our health. People were suddenly afraid to shake hands with anyone and greet each other, sometimes to this day, with their fist, elbow or foot. We were shown pictures from India, where people apparently succumbed like flies and on the open street of the "delta variant".
The posters with the directives and recommendations from Bern were suddenly everywhere. On every store door, in every elevator, in every stairwell, at train stations, in restaurants, kindergartens and schools, on billboards and information pillars. In the streetcar, on buses and trains.

The great denunciation and censorship also began early on. Millions of videos were deleted from YouTube, countless accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter disappeared. High-profile scientists were excluded from the discourse, which was in any case conducted only minimally. The media lockstep began and "fact checkers", as supposed gods of wisdom, started to do their mischief.

The Federal Council continuously concentrated its power and changed the laws and regulations at an unprecedented speed. The parliament kept silent and remains silent until now.

And more and more the inclined, critical thinker could observe conspicuousness: Strategy papers appeared in several countries, with the aim of stirring up primal fears - "miserable suffocation" and "grandchildren killing their grandparents". One heard of adaptations of the term "pandemic" by the WHO and of the fact that this would be financed meanwhile to 80% by private persons. One read about changes, what a positive PCR test means, saw a multi-billionaire grinning into the camera at the sentence that one must prepare for the next pandemic and that this would then really attract attention. The same man, it should be noted, who "donated" 900,000 $ to the Swiss Medicines Agency in February 2020. Instead of investigating the suspicion of corruption, this is then euphemistically called a "financing agreement". Meanwhile, the founder of a powerful lobbying organization of the economy speaks of a great opportunitywhich the pandemic would offer, in order to big reset to initiate the pandemic. One heard of an exercise that had been carried out shortly before the pandemic was declared and which shows astonishing parallels to the current situation. More and more doubts about the reliability of the PCR tests emerged and one heard about a possibly massive number of "false positives". Or one read about the fact that the only laboratory in the whole of China was located in Wuhan, which had the highest safety level (Biosafety Level 4) and that viruses had been deliberately modified there for years, also with financial support from the USA. The so-called gain-of-function.

Outrage about it? A call for international outlawing of such research? Not a word. Nor was there any outrage when an extreme green group in Zurich, completely unchallenged by the police, blocked entire intersections, while peaceful demonstrators were generously banned from the streets, fined or even arrested.

Then, finally, salvation came in the form of a "vaccination" based on artificially produced RNA. Three such products were approved for use in a very short time by the above-mentioned Institute for Therapeutic Products, with "telescoping" of the individual approval steps. Of course, the approval is only for a limited period of time, since new safety findings have to be obtained. A rascal who thinks of the Nuremberg Code and the term field trial, although the managing director of one of these vaccine manufacturers speaks of Israel as the (trial) laboratory of the world.

Via contracts with three pharmaceutical companies, whereby these naturally top secret the federal government then purchased more than 34 million vaccine doses. This amount is enough to vaccinate all inhabitants of this country four times over, although at that time people were considered fully vaccinated after one or two vaccinations. But that, too, is over. With the prospect of further injections, a third is now needed for the first time. For these, the powerful term "booster" was invented. I knew this term before only in connection with nitrous oxide injection in tuned cars.

Where do we stand now?
EuroMOMO shows a substantial increase in the number of deaths in all 28 European countries providing data from calendar week 28/2021 onwards. There is a noticeable peak from about week 45/2021 for all age groups. Germany has more than one million deaths for 2021 and according to preliminary raw data, for the first time since the Federal Republic came into existence. Switzerland also has a peculiar excess mortality between week 47 and 51 in 2021. Are questions now being asked about what could have caused this striking increase in deaths? Not really. A few unflinching reporters are reporting it, but generally it's awfully quiet in the mainstream media world. Perhaps because people want to support the government, as the CEO of a major Swiss publishing house recently put it?

Dear professional colleagues. Let's do a hypothetical mind game in the sense of "what if...":
What if we realized that all the measures are and were disproportionate to overcrowded child and adolescent psychiatric wards in many countries? To hundreds of thousands of hours of unrecoverable educational backlogs nationally? To the damage caused by years of fear? To countless years of life lost to side effects? To the global increase in extreme poverty by 40%? To massive increases in drug use and domestic violence in many countries? To social isolation and social division? Not to mention massive damage to freedom and democracy in our country.

What if this injected genetic material were to do more harm than good, if it were to cause many people to fall ill or even die, and with the proviso that the population were to realize this at all, how would they react? Would they submit to their fate or would they revolt?
Dear colleague: If the general population sent a powerful "Now it's over," where would you stand as a person and a police officer?

The author is a trained police officer and writes here under a pseudonym.

Guest posts always reflect the opinion of the author, not that of Wir für Euch. They should, through different perspectives, contribute to the independent formation of opinion.